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Goose Season
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Goose Season

Your fully guided Missouri goose hunt will take place out of well camouflaged,warm layout blinds,or floating water blinds. Depending upon conditions,you will be hunting over corn, bean, barley, wheat, or premium water locations all leased exclusively by Gateway River Outfitters. All hunts will be decoy hunting only over large spreads of full bodies, silhouettes, floaters and shells often exceeding well over 30+ dozen.

We have several different locations to choose from on a daily basis to assure you are in the best spots for optimum opportunities. All locations are in feeding fields or well established flight lines deep in the heart of the wintering grounds. Our never ending attention to detail, equipment, calling and camouflage is second to none! This and our hunting practices will assure big Canadas decoying up close and personal,decoying geese for close range shooting is our priority. Book today for the ultimate goose hunting experience with Gateway River Outfitters, LLC.

The Hunt:

Our hunts typically begin 30 minutes prior to legal shooting hours. We will get you set up in one of our many blinds. Rest assured that the area will have been scouted thoroughly prior to your hunt. The blocks will be set, the heater on and dog in place. Once legal shooting time is rung in by your guide and after a short but very necessary safety overview of our procedures we will be ready to start the hunt.

All our guides are experienced waterfowl hunters. They will expertly call the geese into shooting range, and when the time is right, will call the shot. Once the geese are down and cripples are accounted for, each hunter will be given “their” birds to count towards their legal limits. If during your hunt and if in season a duck or two files past, well, we will make short work of them as well. Sometime during your hunt (blind permitting) we will offer you a culinary treat… a blind breakfast. Normally eggs, bacon or sausage, toast and a hot cup of joe or OJ.

Our hunts will typically run until 12:00am or until legal limits are collected. At the conclusion of your hunt you will be escorted back up to your vehicle where you can get out of your waders, warm up and if you would like, hang out with the guides and exchange stories of the hunt.

Missouri Geese Hunting


  • $175.00 Per Person/ Per Hunt
  • Two day, two person minimum

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