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Our Team

Head Guide/ Owner - Captain Ryan Gingerich

Captain Ryan Gingerich, founder of Gateway River Outfitters, has been hunting and fishing all of his life. Spending much of his childhood roaming the hills and howlers of east central Missouri. Ryan cut his teeth bow hunting for deer. Shooting several through his youth, he became bored chasing tail and was introduced by his younger brothers to duck hunting. His love of duck hunting is now evident as he never misses a single day of the season.

During the early part of his professional career he was a widely sought after horse behaviorist and rehabilitation specialist. After nearly 20 years in this business he turned to training hunting retrievers. Ryan’s program creates solid performing retrievers through consistent repetition, reinforcement and learning theory. Ryan uses no force or intimidation to train. Instead he uses the latest techniques in learning theory coupled with solid principles from the British school of training.

He is also published author, Ryan penned a best-selling book called “Beyond a Whisper, Training Horses with a New Language,” and produced and hosted an award winning television show called “The Behaviorist,” which was viewed by millions across the United States and Internationally. Ryan is a sought after speaker, having presented at every major horse event in the United States and Canada. As a true outdoorsman. Ryan has hunted all over the United States. From Sea Ducks on both coasts, to teal and wigeon in the bayou’s of Louisiana and mallards and geese to the north. Spending much of the off season in southwest florida guiding for saltwater fly fishermen. Capt. Ryan Gingerich knows his way around the pine island and ten thousand islands area.

Troy Watkins-


Austin Rueter-

An amazing duck and goose caller and all around good guy. Austin will become your best friend the moment you meet him. A resident of Illinois, he spends much of his time in the central Illinois area. When he is not ordering parts and buying cars for his family owned Chevy dealership, Austin can be found in the great outdoors. He is an amazing father, avid waterfowler, deer hunter, and fisherman. He has a very supportive significant other and 5 year old boy. 

He is my go to guy when it comes to my guides. He always gets right in there to help throw blocks and never complains about my blind breakfast. He has been with us for three seasons now and hopefully for many to come.

Tim Wolfe-

Tim is our stand in guide when we need a strong back and a good sense of humor. He’s not as experienced in the duck water as Michael, Austin or Capt. Ryan but he is still a great guide and loves to tell a not so clean joke on occasion. His main stay is in the upland field. As Tim loves to say “ I would jump over a thousand locked up mallards for one cackling pheasant.” He loves his upland birds. 

Growing up on the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin Tim has a lot of interesting stories to tell.  Tim’s “real” job is as Capt. Ryan’s assistant dog trainer. He and Ryan have been good friends for nearly 20 years and have been training horses and dogs for most of that time. An amazing hand with a horse his old nickname was “Crash Test Timmy” as we would often put him up on problem horses just to see what would happen. Luckily Tim had moved on to training dogs. Is currently going through the Animal Behavior College to achieve his degree in canine behavioral training. 


Mac - A young dog, with only a half season under his belt. Still in training, Mac is Capt Ryan's new up and coming dog.

Daisy - Owned by Austin Rueter, Daisy is the only female of the group. Don’t let the pigtails fool ya she is a hard driving, duck scoping machine.

Anna - Capt Ryan's back up dog is a a Black female lab. She is good in the blind but not as driven as Mac. This will be her first year as a guide dog.