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Regular Duck Season
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Regular Duck Season

Some may shiver at the thought of cold winds of autumn blowing in from the north. To the duck hunter, these cold autumn winds bring to mind cupped wings, fine dogs and memories that will last a lifetime. Gateway River Outfitters strives to offer all of these to our duck hunting clientele. Whether you are an experienced or novice hunter, we believe that we offer the best guided duck hunts in Missouri.

If you have never been on a guided Missouri duck hunt, you are in for a real memorable experience. Our clients range from first time duck hunters to hunters that have been Missouri waterfowl hunting for decades. We hunt over large decoy spreads, in flooded crop fields, moist soil (Millets, Smartweed, etc.) fields, irrigation ponds, river oxbows, and when the conditions are right flooded green timber.

Hunting in Style

We use steel and concrete pits sunken into perfectly placed locations around our hunting properties. We also utilize MoMarsh layout boats, layout blinds, skid blinds and wooden blinds when the ducks aren’t where they should be. Our guides use the best decoys, motorized decoys and the top tactics to lure, coax and sometimes force them into shooting range. All of your guides are expert callers, so no need to worry about your calling. You may, however want to talk some notes so you can improve your own calling skills. Dogs? We have them too. As a former Orvis Endorsed dog trainer all of our dogs are top notched, experienced hunters. That being said if you have a trained pooch you would like to bring, we are happy to accommodate them as well (assuming they are properly trained and well behaved.)

Unlike some outfitters, Gateway River Outfitters hunts only one party at a time (three or more hunters). You will have a complete blind all to yourselves. You will be accompanied by at least one guide at all times. He will have the decoys expertly set, the heaters on and will work all the birds into shooting range (30 yards or less). Feet out, wings cupped in your face shooting is what we provide here.

Location, location, location….. before we bought our current hunting ground or lease any property we do extensive research, scouting and speak to the locals to find the best location to put our blinds. We are blessed to be in the most prolific area in northeastern Missouri for Waterfowling. With in just three miles of our main hunting grounds lies Clarence Cannon Wildlife Refuge. Clarence regularly roosts upwards of 300,000 ducks. If you have never seen that many ducks in one small area, its a sight to be hold.  That is just one of four wildlife in our area.

With 40% of all waterfowl migrating southward down the Mississippi River flyway, we regularly see MILLIONS of ducks and geese. Mallards, Pintail, Widgeon, Gadwall, Teal, Scaup, Redheads, even the occasional Canvasback, and Black Duck visit us throughout the season.  Gateway River Outfitters, offers the finest duck hunting in Missouri.

The Hunt

Our hunts typically begin 30 minutes prior to legal shooting hours. We will get you set up in one of our many blinds. Rest assured that the area will have been scouted throughly prior to your hunt. The blocks will be set, the heater on and dog in place. Once legal shooting time is rung in by your guide and after a short but very necessary safety overview of our procedures we will be ready to start the hunt.

All our guides are experienced waterfowl hunters. They will expertly call ducks into shooting range, and when the time is right, will call the shot. Once the ducks are down and cripples are accounted for, each hunter will be given “their” birds to count towards their legal limits. If during your hunt and if in season a goose or two files past, well, we will make short work of them as well.  Sometime during your hunt (blind permitting) we will offer you a culinary treat… a blind breakfast. Normally eggs, bacon or sausage, toast and a hot cup of joe or OJ.

Our hunts will typically run until 11:30am or until legal limits are collected. At the conclusion of your hunt you will be escorted back up to the club house where you can get out of your waders, warm up and if you would like, hang out with the guides and exchange stories of the hunt.

>The lodge closes at 1:00pm so the guides can get set up for your next days hunt. They work very hard each day to provide you with the best hunt possible. This means we pick up and move our decoys daily. Our birds never get use to the same spread. With multitude of locations to hunt our guides need time to scout our hunting areas to find the perfect spot for your next hunt. We typically don’t hunt the same location two days in a row.

If the day is short and the guides have enough gas left in the tank, they will occasionally invite you back that evening to sit around the fire ring. There you can talk candidly about what makes a good duck dog, politics, calls, or whatever you would like. We just ask that you respect the guides and keep the “shop talk” to a minimum.

Spirits are allowed but only at night and with the permission of the guides. We (owner and guides) do not drink. Please don’t offer, we will decline. Medicinal medication is prohibited at all times. If you get out of line, you will be asked to leave. We all like to have a good time, but lets keep it respectful to all.

Duck Hunting Rates

      • $250.00 Per Person Per Hunt
      • Two day, two person minimum

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Lodging is a short 2 mile drive away. Located in the quaint town of Clarksville, MO. Rustic Eagle Inn & Suites is where we recommend for you to stay. We have negotiated top rate prices for you, please let them know that you will be hunting with us. You will be able to leave your waders and hunting gear at the club house so there is no need to worry about you stuff walking away on you.

During the hunting months of November and December the Bald Eagles roost and fish just below the Pool 24 Lock and Dam. Which is conveniently located right outside your window.


We are a little limited in Clarksville on restaurants. There is a decent bar Tubby’s River Grill within walking distance of the Inn. A short drive north would put you in to the town of Louisiana, Missouri.  There they have a multitude of eateries.