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Missouri Upland Hunting
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Missouri Upland Hunting

We offer upland bird hunting as a bonus to all our waterfowl hunters. Gateway River Outfitters has exclusive rights to 600 acres of upland fields.

You have the opportunity to choose from several different types of bird hunting. We offer a traditional hunt for the fast flying bobwhite quail. For the more adventuresome hunter, we offer exciting hunts for pheasant, chukar and Hungarian partridge.

Each Upland hunt takes place on a game bird preserve north of St. Louis Missouri. The preserve is clean, managed and maintained with bird preservation in mind. You will have the ability to hunt three species of upland game; Pheasants, Quail and Chukar Partridge. Since some of these game bird species are not native to Missouri these birds are brought in from bird ranches. These birds all perform well and are not as easily harvested as one may think. You won’t have to suffer the humiliation of having to kick at bird to make it fly. Customer satisfaction is what keeps hunters coming back and builds reputation. This is the real deal, not a fly by night operation.

 The Dogs

The Dogs

Gateway River Outfitters uses in dogs from its own kennel. Flyway Labs, LLC is in the prestigious Orvis Endorsement Program for dog trainers. We utilize some of the hardest working Labs and GSP around. They are a pleasure to watch work and to hunt over. Each hunt comes complete with guide, pointing and/or retrieving dog, bird processing and after hunt refreshments. All of those who have visited the preserve agree that it is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences they’ve had.

Pricing and Details:

Pricing and Details:

  • Morning and afternoon hunting is available starting Nov 1st through Feb 15
  • Must have at least two weeks notice for all upland hunts
  • The hunt generally lasts 2 to 4 hours
  • $350 person


  • 2 pheasant, 4 quail or 4 chukar per hunter
  • Use of dogs
  • Bird processing
  • After hunt refreshments
  • Additional birds can be purchased at an additional charge: must be bought at time of booking

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